About STS

Sindh Testing Service Karachi (STS):

The Registered office of the Organization is situated at Karachi in the Province of Sindh.

Sindh Testing Service is the first public sector Colleges & Universities testing service provider. Which started pre-entry test for admissions in Medical, Engineering & Business Administration and professional employment in the different departments of Sindh. STS was established in the year 2010. Founded by of Mr.Dhanesh Kumar Malhi, the Chief Executive Officer of STS-Sindh.STS conducts the pre-entry test under the supervision of an executive committee which consists of Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Controller, members of the organization, and senior professors. Highly qualified and trained staff is engaged in entire system. Test paper is set according to the international standard. STS is affiliated with Surhan Welfare Society Sindh. STS is the member of International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA). Sindh Testing Service (STS) is established to promote transparency in educational institution by conducting fair and transparent examination/Test in private sector as well as govt. sector. This will provide our students education of the creative quality, groom their personality, and increase a sense of responsibility, confidence, commitment and enthusiastic approach towards their profession & society. This initiative will bring a new way forward to better education in private as well as govt. sector. It will create a new way of competition among institutions as well as students to strive for their respective position. STS introduced innovative ideas of examination which will create awareness of modern tools and techniques among students. The test questions are prepared by senior professors in the area of their specialization. Best quality paper is used for printing the question paper. STS trained its invigilators before assigning them duties in the test. STS also provides guidelines and instructions to the candidates using centralized sound system. STS broadcast demonstration movies through local/social media as well as put on its website for the guidance of the candidates how to use answer sheet during examination.

About STS.


Transparent, Educated, and innovative Society, build and promote in educational testing and assessment examination.


To assemble the Society on one platform for their educational development as well as to build a bridge between segregated education system of the modern world by conducting transparent examination/Test.


The objects for which the organization is established are:

-To improve education system by conducting fair Examination.

-To provide factual result to the society as third stakeholder.

-Enabling students to strive for standard education.

-To equip students with modern tools and techniques of examination/Test.

-STS provide scholarships to needy students who will get top position in the test.

-Increasing enrolment in public examinations and the challenges in quality of assessment.

-To sponsor international participation in the field of educational testing and examining.

-Using modern techniques of assessment to enhance the operational efficiency of educational institutions/examination bodies.

-Human and financial resources and the challenges of assessment quality.

-Development of research, monitoring and evaluation practices in assuring quality of assessment.

-Challenges of assessment of candidates with special needs.

-The challenges of assessment in vocational and technical education.

-The challenges of maintaining examination ethics in educational assessment.

-Assessment for promotion of teaching and learning.

-The relationship between assessment and learning.

-The role of assessment and evaluation in Education.

-The impact of school-based assessment on quality education.

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